Brand introduction
Shenzhen Kawasaki Sports Co. Ltd.

Kawasaki brand was founded in 1896 in Japan, involved many fields such aerospace, heavy industy, motorcycle, marine, transportation, Sports, and has excellent performace.

Kawasaki Sport was founded in 1915, and is one of the world leading brands in badminton. In 2008, Shenzhen Kawasaki Sport Co. Ltd fully finished buyout for Kawasaki Sports Trademark in Asian-Pacific region, opened a new era for Kawasaki badminton. By these short several years comeback fighting, Kawasaki badminton products has sold over 50 countries and regions worldwide, enjoys good fame in superior design and quality with favorable price. 

Kawasaki Sport with world first level R&D department and production base, it's main products includs badminton racket, tennis racket, shuttlecock, Badminton Apparel, Bags, shoes, and other badminton accessories. With now over 102 years history and development, Kawasaki Sport will continue to walk on sport way and keep forward. 

Milestones in Kawasaki Sport History:

1915- KAWASAKI was founded by Kawasaki Taro in Tokyo, Japan 
1960- The establishment of KAWASAKI overseas agents in Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland
1963- The establishment of Kawasaki racket factory and production system, started to product wooden racket.
1968- The establishment of Taiwan company. The production output of wooden racket  reached 100,000 PCS, and aluminum racket 30,000 PCS monthly.
1972- The establishment of international Kawasaki racket company in Korea, production output of wooden racket every month 30,000 PCS
1973- The development of the world first carbon tennis racket RULER,  marked whole industry into the carbon  racket era.
2002- The establishment of Kawasaki in Shenzhen
2013- The establishment of Kawasaki Badminton Club in Malaysia (KBC)
2014- KBC moved  to Ping Shan Sports Center in Shenzhen
2015- The first “The Battle of Kings" badminton game launched.
2016- The First  tournament of“ Super Badminton Hero" launched, enter ed the sports internet era
2017- Kawasaki Fusion: overall Transconformat and upgradation of Kawasaki Sport


Leading technology

  Kawasaki Sport always devotes herself into innovation. She unceasingly develops new technology and makes breakthrough, constantly introduces the world its first level sport products, which is favored by numberous global badminton fans.

Excellent management

Kawasaki carries the mission of "customers first, staff development, company development, motherland prosperous". It adopts standardized and scientific management systerm in structure of the company's development strategy, which has created professional teams in technology, sales and management, which has bulilt a solid foundation for Kawasaki long-term development and stability.

People gathered in the

Kawasaki "by virtue of the ability and political integrity," the concept to select talent to the "integrity, responsibility, efficiency, cooperation," as the core value concept of corporate culture, in the concept of value and way of industry to work together, developed by leaps and bounds. Kawasaki to "grid feather industry in the world's most influential enterprises" for the vision, adhere to the "quality - oriented, service" business philosophy, and that the global net feather hobbies provide high-quality sporting goods and services for oneself, obtained from all walks of life are widely recognized and highly valued!